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When nightmares move beyond occasional annoyance to near-nightly terror, however, you might have nightmare disorder. After Clara reminds the man of the no-penetration rule, he strips and curls up beside Lucy. The Australian novelist-turned-director Julia Leigh traces the origins of her first feature, "Sleeping Beauty," to what she calls a bout of 'self-exposure. Sometimes, though, the paralysis persists even after the person wakes up. Screaming, thrashing, frantically pacing — night terrors earn their name, both for the person experiencing one and for anyone around during the event. The Melbourne star of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Emily Browning, will take the lead in the potentially controversial tale about a uni student who becomes a "sleeper" in a Sleeping Beauty chamber. Falling is the biggest danger, so if you've got a sleepwalker in your house, experts recommend you move the electrical cords and steer your somnambulist away from stairs.
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Though the cause is unknown, some scientists think a malfunction in the hypothalamus, which helps to regulate sleep and body temperature, may play a role, according to WebMD. So while the occasional phantasmic visitation is nothing to worry about, if the hallucinations are accompanied by daytime sleepiness and loss of muscle control when excited or surprised, Kline recommends you see a doctor. Even today, some researchers suspect that tales of alien abduction may be explained by episodes of sleep paralysis. It is her debut as a director. Retrieved 11 June And these hallucinations, when they occur with sleep paralysis, are no picnic; people commonly report sensing an evil presence, along with a feeling of being crushed or choked. In at least five controversial cases, men have been acquitted of sexual assault by arguing that they were asleep during the attack.
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